November 29, 2021

Powerful Women Unite: Rise of the “Sheconomy”

Tis the season…to flex your consumer power and help support women and women’s advancement. This episode encourages us all to think intentionally and strategically about the choices we make with our dollars and how our choices can impact gender equity.

We talk about the inequities women face in every episode of the Advancing Women Podcasts and an important part of that conversation is the economic consequences women face because of those workplace inequities. We also talk about a gendered power differential that exists unfairly in most public and professional domains...but there is one domain where women indisputably hold a great deal of power. Consumer power. The “Sheconomy”.

Women make up half of the U.S. population, but control or influence 85% of consumer spending and so we need to think strategically and intentionally about how our considerable consumer power can encourage - demand even- that companies think differently about prioritizing gender equity to help close the gender leadership gap.

Learn how to invest in women, and support women by pushing for corporate social responsibility in an intentional way which demands – with our dollars – that companies get on board or suffer the economic consequences of not doing right by women. #togetherwerise #supportwomen #sheconomy #womensupportingwomen #supportwomenentrepreneurs #supportwomeninbusiness

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